Message From CEO


Message From CEO

The company’s motto is “Think Different Be unique” this comes not from the length of our history but from the spirit of embracing what is good even if its old, while the time producing new value in accordance with the requirements of the time. We consider that the starting points of our “CSR activities that contribute to society is to provide our customer safe and high quality products, information, and new value, based on our deep experience cultivated through history and tradition.

Our Company is one of the most active participants in the whole sale market for Import, Export, Health Care Products, Cosmetics, Foods & Beverages and Soft Drinks. We have always taken an “open door” approach to trading markets we promise to provide the original, Durable, Comprehensive and cost effective trading service.

We consider that in order for the company to last a long time, it is necessary that the company be accepted by and coexist with all society. Through our business activities, the company is try to improve our corporate value as a socially beneficial company that can get the trust of all our shareholders, and meet their exceptions.

This is our promise and commitments to “provide and Excellence service” for our customers and clients.


Weyar Afghan Trading Company

 Ahmad Reshad “Sidiqi”

President, Chief Executive Officer